Here are comments I kept from my earlier website (latest at top)

Tracy Salkowitz


 15:10 h

Darling Rent-a-Mum:

You are extraordinary! A true force of nature. Please connect with me via email for a catch-up! So much love- Tracy

Miriam Margolyes


 21:16 h

Darling Thelma, You're a force of nature, so thrilled your life is continuing to be gorgeous & an example to the rest of us. I'm in Australia, back March 17th. 2018 & hope to take you out for lunch again. Hugs-MM

Sarah Rio


 18:19 h

Dearest Thelma
So happy Barbara sent me the link to your lovely site and delighted to hear you had a great year. Believe it or not I worked with Allan Corduner at Chichester Festival Theater when I was Wardrobe Mistress. Now we are happily living in Atlanta Georgia working on Music Festivals at Sea! Lots of love always, Sarah

Meryl Ledbrooke


 20:10 h

Congratulations Thelma for another incredible year! Loved your one woman show at The Kings Head truly an inspiration..and well done on the series. All the best for the coming year and God Bless!

Ruth Rose


 15:28 h

Congratulations on your selection as one of 2017's 'Women of the Year'.
I sat next to you on Table 1 at the awards Luncheon and found you to be a fascinating lively companion. Thank you for making a great event such a pleasure. Ruth Rose

Ronnie Curran


 00:02 h

Ronnie Curran ...dancer


 23:59 h

Lovely Thelma ..had to say hello .. Was principle dancer with you in "Amusement " at the are looking so Great sad a few are no longer with us .. I had ten years of TV after the Apollo would love to say Hello again ....we had our little scene together in the opening of the dance number Dance Sensations . looks like we are still here Love Ronnie Curran

Lynn Ruth Miller


 11:56 h

You are a treasure My revuewwill be up by tomorrow

Roy Gissp


 04:49 h

Dear Miss Ruby
Although I have never met you, I have a slight connection. Your father was my doctor for several years after I was born in 1945 at Morley Hall. I can't say I remember him or where his surgery was, but I must have been taken to him with childhood illnesses until we moved away. My mother knew of you and told me that your original name was Ruby Wigoder. Nice to see the pictures of your father on your web site

geoffrey niman


 21:15 h

Dear Thelma
My wife Suzette and I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Prima Palace Hotel Jerusalem.My mother G rest her soul was a cousin of your late colleague Miriam Karlin. I do hope you will now devote these long years Heaven has graced you to embracing the Judaism of your revered Grandfather and your wonderful new family an act on which the curtain will never fall. Best wishes Geoffrey niman



 17:13 h

really proud to know you. and your continuation of amazing activities. never again shall I say I am too tired to do something! The only words that seem relevant are "bis hundertzwanzig"

Carol Fuchs


 18:31 h

Dear Thelma,

So wonderful being able to keep up with you via email. You look beautiful and you are continuing to bring pleasure to those around you--and those f us who can read about your exploits.

So sorry about your friend in India but how nice it was that you timed your visit as you did.

Love from all of us,
Carol and Alan

Charlotte Keatley


 13:57 h

Thelma your website it awesome ! Georgia my daughter says you've done far more this year & had a far more interesting time than anyone she knows ! I've been reading your marvellously written pages aloud, here in Glasgow on Christmas Eve,while we finish wrapping presents. Your description of the Hindu funeral of your friend is so beautiful. The photos too, and of your actress friends.You all look beautiful, you inspire us. So sorry I missed your King's Head show, please let me know new year dates. I'm so happy you came to see my play at St James's. 
Here's wishing you much happiness
for 2017. Love Charlotte (Keatley)
and Georgia xxxx

Tali Ironi


 13:46 h

We all admire you, you young lady. You are an inspiration to us all.
Keep uo the good work and keep on keeping on, as the famous jazzing Clark used to say.
Love you,
Tali and Nami



 12:20 h

My dear Thelma - so much water has flowed under the bridge, I just dont know where to start. You and Peter started my new life in Tel Aviv in 1970...with our ops c/o dr Chait!
I am now just 70 still living in Moshav Ganot - mother of 3 boys and grandma to 6! Jacob and I have the printworkshop and gallery in Jaffa just by the sea. My friend Jeanette Malkin (Head of Theatre dept at Hebrew University) just asked me if I know anything about you ....! and sent me your website. She is doing research about Jews in British theater...You are a classic so I hope she will reach you and you can be included in her project. would love to meet up with you on a future visit to UK. lots of love and fond memories Monique



 08:23 h

Dear Thelma, My family has a very unusual surname and therefore keep in touch, worldwide. Recent posts on our facebook page have included references to our forebear, Madge Titheradge which has reminded me that when I was 9 I was lucky enough to have been 'brought round' to meet you when you were in The Rose and The Ring at Stratford East. You claimed to see a resemblance between the young me and Madge, with whom you had acted. In researching the web to confirm my memories of the play I found this website and feel I have to tell you what great pleasure you brought my father, Philip, who asked to meet you that evening. Incidentally I thought the play was absolutely lovely and still recall being enthralled by it. What a pity it is not often performed now, being replaced by vulgar 'panto' with self-proclaimed celebs strutting around.
The 'Madge' thread on our page started with seeing 'Finding Neverland' on TV and remembering that she had been Peter in 1913.
Very best regards and good wishes for 2015

Anne Fuehr, Dinslaken (Germany)


 18:52 h

Dearest Thelma, what a year! My congratulations at finishing this fantastic record of all your activities. The photos are just too lovely for words! Wish I had been at your celebration in Jerusalem - or at the wedding. What a beautiful family, and what a happy Thelma. And happy, lucky me for meeting you and Peter in Israel forty years ago. All my very best wishes for 2016. Stay well, since all your friends already now look forward to the next record of Thelma's Year.

Sybil and Jochim


 23:36 h

Hi Thelma,

You continue to be amazing - I hope I can do half as much when I'm 90. I really wish you could have made it to Oz in all your travels. It is a beautiful sunny day here and I will be swimming later. Keep up the swimming and all your other activities. Love from us both


ane silver-corren


 16:04 h

Hi Thelma, It was lovely to meet you at Wimbledon Shul last week. My mum Sheila has often mentioned you . I enjoyed looking at your website, and singing songs with you and chatting over lunch. I didn't manage a Yiddish song with my singing for the brain groups this week. We had too many xmas carols to get through. Hopefully we'll sing Bei Mir Bistu Shein next month. Did a bit of research on it and it's from a Yiddish comedy musical that closed after one season on Broadway!Hope to see you again soon, it was great to spend time with someone so positive and happy. Love Janexx xxxx

Ann Rachlin


 09:52 h

Dearest Cuz! It's a wonderful record of your splendid year! Now we have to fill 2016 with wondrous memories for next year's entry! Am full of admiration for your zest for life, your positive thinking and your determination never to let a day go by without planning something exciting! Long may you continue!

Bettina Lukoschus


 22:34 h

Hello Thelma, this is Bettina speaking... formerly in Germany, but now in Switzerland for some 20 years... And as Wimbledon is just getting along, I'm thinking of you and that we visited you long ago together with my parents Klaus and Inge. So here come greeting from my heart with many happy memories! Love, Bettina

Meryl M Ledbrooke


 16:46 h

Hi Thelma,
It was wonderful seeing The Army Game recently..with you as an Army girl..very funny. Love your website, very interesting. What a wonderful career and exciting life you lead! Lots of experience in the theatre, film and television..and an author too! Be great if they can do your "story" on television, it would be very interesting and moving to watch. I hope all is well with you..nice to see you have so many friends!

Miriam Margolyes


 21:42 h

Dearest Thelma, Thinking of you as I sit here in Tamworth NSW, about to fly to Brisbane. Your website is wonderful; well, its just YOU & what could be better than that! Inspirational friend & person of joy-sending hugs across the world. MM xx

Charles Joseph


 22:38 h

Hello Thelma,
This is your godson Charles.
I have just moved back to the UK after 10 years in Canada.
I drove down Arthur road the other day and thought of you.
It's our birthday next week and I would love to see you sometime.
Lots of love,

trevor morris

 17:11 h

I was the chap ( of the two) to your right at the Oldie lunch.
It was lovely to meet you.Your smile lights up a room and makes everyone else smile. Quite a talent.



 23:11 h

dear thelma

I think you will no remenber me. I spent one full month going to clean at your home at winbledon park. when I came back to spain I wanted to go on keeping in touch with you, but I was not secured of my English, so I never felt so confident to write to you. Now a lor of years after and admiting that I have been following you for all these years, I have decided to send you this words. Believe me I have never forgoten you. I hope you read this words and if this is te case I will be very happy to send you a picture of the words you wrote me in the present you made me, when I came back to Spain. you wrote: "To our dear Spanish daugher. ... "

Lots of kisses

stewart permutt


 21:43 h

Darling Thelma

what an amazing web site and what a sparkling career. So looking forward to seeing you again, its been too long. Am always in your debt for your beautiful Stella in my play hugs and kisses Stewart

Trevor Lyttleton MBE


 15:41 h

You are a star of stage and life which you celebrate with relish and delight with and irrepressible curiosity and fascination. 
You are one of the finest examples of dignity and get up and go in old age, but "for me fair friend thou never canst be old since first thy
eye I eyed, such seems thy beauty still"
We cant wait to share in your90th celebrations and many joyous events to come
Much love Trevor Zippi and amily XXX

Margaret Matthews


 21:17 h

Hello Thelma
You may remember I contacted you sometime ago when trying to put you in touch with Tiddley WinkieakaMavis Whyte. 
This morning I received a phone call to say Mavis passed away last night peacefully. 
She was a wonderful lady and I was honoured to call her my friend. I thought you may like to know. Sincerely Margaret Matthews

Yaron Gore


 02:24 h

Dear Thelma,
Your zest for life and the manner in which you relish it is awe-inspiring! 
On behalf of many Israeli elementary school students in the 1970's who grew up watching you and your husband Peter Frye on the English learning TV programs 'Neighbours' and 'Debbie in Hospital', I wish to let you know that these programs have been preserved and recently uploaded on Youtube by the Instructional Television Center, now known as 'Channel 23' or 'Israel Educational Television'.
So here they are:

I'd like to wish you all health, happiness and prosperity for years to come. It is a pleasure to learn about the breadth and depth of your stage career and lifetime accomplishments.

robin pirongs


 20:08 h

Hi Thelma, thank you for your recent letter and the amazing news that you are planning to leave your Pirongs diaries to us. I was really taken aback and feel very privileged. What a narrative they must contain. It is always such a pleasure to receive you letter each year and it is always read aloud in the office and to the wider Pirongs family. Have another great year, Thelma, and I look forward to the next exciting instalment!
Robin x

MIlton Firman


 22:46 h

Here I am again, so soon. The nochshleper has returned. I am presently researching for a book on Famous East End Jews. I appreciate that you emanate from Leeds but did you ever come across any of the following: Lionel Bart, Ron Moody, Mike and Bernie Winters, Lew Grade, Henry Goodman, Anthony Newley, Helen Shapiro, Georgia Brown, Alma Cogan, Don Black or any others I have missed out? All anecdotes gratefully received. Now I shall leave you in peace Ever Milton

MIlton Firman


 22:39 h

What can I say? Thelma Ruby, a name I knew. Not related but part of my large family. The Wandering Jews. My mother, Anita Firman (nee Knoll) came from Leeds. I saw Fiddler at least 7 times. And I knew Thelma Ruby so I looked up her name, and found you. I see your friends and family in the photographs and I cry with happiness for you. If we are not family, then who? Thelma you do not know me from Adam but I am pleased, no delighted, to see you are well. What more can anyone ask? My mother is 92. I am blessed too. We are all the survivors and we salute those who did not do so. It was my privilege to share your lovely writing and photographs. May you continue in good health. Sincerely Milton

Annegret Fuehr


 18:39 h

Dearest Thelma, what a joy to read your 2013 report! Thank you for taking all the trouble to write down what you experienced last year - and you sure had a lot of experiences. How wonderful that you should let your friends follow you on your journeys around the world. And please: have another happy and rewarding new year! I look forward to reading your report about 2014, which has only just begun - with you in good health and the best mood possible. Your German friend of almost 40 years, Anne



 20:46 h

Dear Thelma,
You continue to be my most amazing cousin - your 2013 year is amazing - maybe in 2014 you'll make it downunder and swim in our pool! Happy New Year,
Love Syb and Jochim

varda chechik

 09:42 h

Sorry for my previous spelling mistakes... I have to get used to proofreading... Varda

varda chechik


 09:40 h

Thelma - I've just finished reading your 2013 report, abd your Appendix about Peter the Director. Evereything is moving and thrilling, but especially the "Thank You" exercise!!! How inspiring!! I wish you a happy and active 2014, and see you soon. Varda

Jon, Ginger and Jeny Russo


 20:58 h

Thelma, you live life to the fullest! Much love from the Russo Family, Jon, Ginger and Jeny.

Angela Toovey


 19:53 h

As always Thelma you lead a very colourful and varied life and Adam wanted me to add enjoyable to that. The photos look great and as always I hope I get to do at least half of what you do by the time I'm 88.



 16:09 h

Dear Thelma,
I always love to read and view the updates on your incredible life. I envy your travels and courage to do it all. Our travels this year are between Philadelphia and Chappaqua, NY, where Alan is the interim rabbi for a year. Do get to NYC frequently and I have been volunteering at a school in the Harlem Children's Zone. Love from both of us, Carol

Charles Waghorn


 19:25 h

Seeing the name Thelma Ruby in the recent 'Oldie' I was transported back to the days of 'intimate revues', frequently at the Lyric Theatre. Regrettably I have given all my old theatre programmes away but surely I am right in remembering Thelma as a frequent member of the casts alongside Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden and Ronnie Stevens? No mention though in all the biographical data in the web site.

Pearl Catlin


 13:04 h

The blog address seeems not to appear in the comments so here it is again

Pearl Catlin


 13:02 h

Hello Thelma,
I had lost your email address without realising, due to a change is ISps. So I hope you are well and I wished you to know I hadupdated this old blog! Yours of course is lovely as usual.

pauline (swim pal)


 18:25 h

As always darling enjoyed your 2012 look forward to seeing you soon

Johnny Fox


 12:18 h

Hello Thelma, how wonderful to read your stories and to see you're in such fine form!

Can you remind me of the show in which you sang Noel Coward's parody of 'Glorious Devon' - hungry by eleven, hi-ho Budleigh Salterton etc ... I don't seem able to trace it on the internet.

many thanks and best regards

Johnny x

Sue Gould (née Myers)


 02:57 h

Hi Thelma. 
Do you remember me? My Mother was Phylllis. I have just read your web site and would love to hear from you. 
Love Sue

Angela Toovey


 13:21 h

Hello Thelma
I have just sat here and a look at your 2012 adventures, even though mum does keep me up to date with everything you do its still so impressive the adventures you have and I hope to be doing what you are when i reach that age. heres to more fun in 2013.
Angie xx

Barbara Toye


 15:00 h

Your travels always read like James Bond's exploits, with never a dull moment, excitment and an ever-changing backdrop. It leaves me as usual, breathless & full of admiration. I'm certainly glad to know you

Anne Fuehr


 19:02 h

Dearest Thelma, I have just read your review of your very own 2012 and am just filled with admiration for all your amazing achievements. You certainly are an inspiration - and a role model for someone like me appraching the end of my seventh decade here on this wonderful and sorrowful earth. I have then re-read your entries for 2009 and "Peter the Director. Yes, you have told the story truthfully and compassionately - thank you for everything. All my best wishes for this new year, which, as I hope, will enable you to go on more journeys and meet your friends in so many parts of the world who all love you because you are such a dear and so wonderful. Stay well!
January 4th, 2013 Anne

Jan F


 21:58 h

Hello Thelma, I Googled Harry Hanson, ENSA, WWII & your site popped up. You've created something quite fun & enjoyable. 

Would you be so generous with your time as to give me thoughts on the following? I have a family connection to Harry Hanson who married (in 1950) Gertrude Ayton. Both were performers in repertory theatre. Family memories say Harry performed for the ENSA & that both Harry & Gertrude performed well into thier later years. (Gertrude died age 96 in Blockpool.)

I'm trying to figure out if my Harry Hanson is the Harry who founded a chain of repertory theatres: the Court Players. I hear that the theatre founder batted for the other team so wouldn't have married a woman. 

I have pics of both Harry & Gertrude & wonder if you could check them out for me to see if you can shed any light on my Harry. 


Ann Rachlin


 17:29 h

Just browsing, darling and had such pleasure exploring your website and journeying with you through the years. You really are a wonderful role model - an inspiration - keep going! We all look to you as the Chief of the Clan Lubelski!

pauline pool pal


 18:47 h

Every journey is memorable and a delight to read. xx

Margaret E Matthews


 18:17 h

I have recently been speaking to Mavis Whyte...Tiddley Winkie.
She is a very dear friend of mine. She will be 90 in January
and would love to hear from ! Best regards Margaret Matthews

Michael Beach


 15:47 h

Been reading the Kenneth Williams biography and of course you have several mentions. I remember you with great pleasure in Revues - wonderful comic timing. So am delighted to look at your web page and to know that Thelma Ruby is still in business - long may it be so!!

Jon James


 08:16 h

Dear Thelma, I have just listened to your performance on the Naxos audiobook of Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit. You played Madame Arcati brilliantly and helped make an excellent recording even more special! Regards, Jon.

John Muirhead


 03:16 h

Dear Thelma, What a lovely surprise to find your web page. I was doing research on Harry Hanson nd blow me down there was your name as being in the Court Players. So was I on the Pier in Hastings around 1962. Weekly Rep...I knew a lot about about you, but not that we had that link.. Small World... cue for a song. Chuck and I are now living in Melbourne Australia both well and busy just finished writing and performing a show about Irving Berlin. I hope you get this. We both send our love to you.. Would love here from you. Love Johnxxxxx.

Karen Pappas


 04:43 h

Dear midnight cohort, The Retreat seemed very dull after your departure. I have so enjoyed reading your website and it made me treasure our conversations even more.

Pauline Pool Pal


 19:09 h

Just caught up to date with all your new adventures and pictures. Locve the ones with the family.
Miss you seems a long time since we met. Hope all is well. LOts of LOve, xxx

Pauline Pool Pal


 19:22 h

You are stuill a star always was always will be. love you to bits.

carol barnet fuchs


 21:33 h

how i love getting your wonderful emails and exquisite photographs!
you don't look very much older than when i first met you which was about 70 years ago last july 4th!!

we are doing well. rachael became a bat mitzvah in october and must have a lot of her grandfather in her. she was so poised on the bema and read the entire service with great aplomb. the whole family was there with the exception of my mother who was laid low by a fall in august which fractured her arm and tore several ligaments elsewhere...she is getting around in a motorized wheelchair or with the aid of a walker.

we will all be going to albany on wednesday for thanksgiving and to celebrate mgb's 94th birthday--a little early as it's actually december 5th.

i am so glad that you keep in touch and alan and i send much love, carol

Urith Boger


 15:54 h

Dear thelma,
I read every word in your adventureous diary. I love your writing and i am so happy to read about the love you get everywhere. Peter was so right to call you an Angle from Heaven. you certainley bring so much light into our lives. I am so proud and happy to be a part of your world. Please count me and Herzle for your 90th birthday! LOve

Tim Jones


 02:24 h

Listening to the newly released Original London Cast of ONCE UPON A MATTRESS.
You are magnificent!
Decided to look you up on 'google' and here you are looking beautiful! Such a terrific career and wonderful life. All the best to you! 
Tim from San Francisco

Liv Flatøy


 06:34 h

Hello Thelma
Thank you for your visit in Jeppes Badehotel. It was nice to meet such wonderful ladies like you and your friend. Hope to see you again. Have a nice summer!

ida davidsen


 18:33 h

Dear Thelma,

It's me again: I entirely forgot to apologize to you and your friend that I completely forgot my manners when you left Jeppe's the other night and did not see you to the restaurant I had suggested to you. I hope you found it, though, and enjoyed a good meal.


Ida Davidsen


 01:47 h

Dear Thelma and friend,

Welcome back in London, I hope you made a nice flight.

Coming home from Jeppe's Badehus tonight I couldn't resist looking you up on the 'net, and behold (not to my surprise, I might add!), there you are.

I and my friend and neighbour, the Norwegian hostess Liv send you and your lovely friend - was it Helen? - our very best from rainy Copenhagen which you shall leave to-morrow.

We are looking forward to seeing you both again in the not too distant future.

Yours very sincerely
Ida Davidsen - not the fake sandwich-lady, but the 'real' Ida D.

Rona Greenwald


 15:00 h

Hi Thelma,
Loved reading about all your travels. I especially loved seeing the picture of Chava and Oded. They are cousins of mine and I haven't heard from them in a long time. It was great seeing them.

carol and alan fuchs


 21:19 h

dear thelma:
what fun to be able to hear you "speaking" to us whenever i feel like it! the website is brilliant and each time i see the pictures, i re-live such treasured memories.
love from philadelphia, carol

freddie lees


 12:25 h

Great website , stylish , witty ,entertaining ----- I am full of admiration Thelma , love Freddie x

George Dvorsky


 15:07 h

Thelma, I LOVE your site. Loved looking at the 2008 cruise. Brought back such wonderful memories!

Marilyn Ebersole


 17:41 h

Thelma: Our mutual friend Laura Hockaday shared your website with me. It brought back the wonderful time the 3 of us shared a lunch in your attractive flat... which I considered a museum of memories. -- Marilyn Ebersole, Mission Woods, Kansas USA

Sybil Schneeweiss


 00:05 h

Dear Thelma,

I have just spent a wonderful hour reading all your stories and looking at the amazing photographs.

What a full and exciting life you've led and it's great to have it all recorded on this delightful web site.

The legs were still wonderful at your 80th birthday party which we shall never forget.

With love from your Australian cousin, and we still look forward to a visit from you.


Lisa Roberts(nee Hollander)


 21:53 h

Dear Thelma,

I feel so honoured to be related to you. You have always been an inspiration to me as an actress and in any creative field into which I dip my toe. You are like a bright star than can never go out. Love always, Lisa x

Edyta Barucka


 11:45 h

Thelma dear,
Your website is so rich and true, like your life itself. The flowers, hats, photos, performances, friends and stories. Your infectious joy of life. It is a treat and a pleasure.
With love,

Pauline Trickey


 15:43 h

Loved reading about your trips and the amazing people you have met and the pictures .Amazing to met people who have seen you perform even at a very young age.

Karen Shafron


 13:16 h

Thelma, although we have only known one another for a relatively short time, it is pleasure to count you as a friend. I love your updated site and I was thrilled to be able to see your wonderful work recently at the delightful Jermyn St Theatre. Lunch soon??

Angela Toovey


 11:04 h

Your website is lovely, in all the years that I have had the pleasure of knowing you I had never realised how much you had acheived and I especially liked the photo section your legs are amazing! 
Angie x



 06:34 h

Dear Thelma,
I did sign myself in facebook as your friend but it seems that it didn't arrive properly. I also find a website much more friendly to use than facebook. So here I am, letting you know that you are on my "favorits". the sight is absolutely beautiful and I'll go deeper into reading later in the day.
I hope you don't suffer too much from the crazy weather. Please let me know when you plan to arrive in Israel and we shall meet again.

Kamalini Trentham


 21:08 h

Thelma,It was my lucky day to have been on the same Air India flight.As you might have guessed, I am not a fan of AI but would not have missed that flight for anything. It has been such a pleasure knowing you and what luck to actually see you in "A Road to Paradise"
Life is for living and you (and Peter) show how to do it well. Keep it up! If I can behalf as alive at 84 I shall count myself lucky.

All the very best until we meet again - soon.


Cindy & Mel Yoken


 16:05 h

It is a pleasure to know you and to view your life on this wonderful website. We hope you will come back again to visit us. Love, Mel and Cindy

Jennifer Fine


 15:48 h

This is wonderful! I love to sneak a peek at what your up to every once in awhile. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

your cousin in Los Angeles

Miriam Margolyes


 14:26 h

What a privilege to have worked with you & continue to have you in my life. You're more beautiful than ever, generous of spirit & now an Internet geek, noch! Keep going darling girl. We need you-and you're a damn good actress too.

Dr. Janak Desai


 13:49 h

You are truly an amazing personality; you have more life packed into you than God could ever put into 10 individuals. Your life should be discussed in old age homes the world over to give encouragement to elderly people (75 and above)and get enthusiam from your many faceted life and your vivacious approach which pales the vivacity of youngsters also.We are going to be with you in London when we all will celebrate your 90th birthday.

John Fisher


 13:46 h

Well done, Thelma. I enjoyed reading about your many escapades. The website is beautifully designed as it should be to house such an interesting subject.
What are you doing next? I hear Auntie BBC is looking for a substitute for Jonathan Woss -- drop a million or three and the job might be yours. It would be ten times as entertaining.
Much love,

Barbara Toye


 12:57 h

In fact I found it all SO exciting, that I let a 'typo' escape in my last comment. It should have read "stimulating" !!!

Barbara Toye


 12:53 h

I would find your website colourful & fascinating, even if I didn't know you.
But I'm proud to say that I DO know you, so thank you for a very stimutaling read. I love all the photos, too. Vibrant, that's what you are Thelma, vibrant!!

Ann Rachlin


 22:00 h

The stories are riveting and you tell them so well.
Brava! A really fascinating addition to your website. I am so glad you decided to join the 21st century and get a computer!! You are a natural communicator and this is the perfect vehicle for spreading your colourful stories which match your personality! I'm proper proud of you!

Edie: dresser

 18:59 h

Dear STAR, what a privilege to know you. I loved the stories, and it is amazing you are still with us, with only a painful wrist! The story of the dogs in the dressing room has slipped somehow, a line has flown into the wrong space?xxx

Alan, Hairdresser

 16:12 h

I love the play, “MANY ROADS TO PARADISE” You played your part so well, and even my Taiwanese friend was fooled by you. What an excellent performance! Well done, Thelma!

Adrian Bodek


 16:03 h

Very good to have a nice page like this, thank you

mark, an australian


 19:49 h

Bravo on your website. I hope you will add to your memoirs. And I envy your pics of the park in all it's moods



 06:14 h

Enjoyed looking at your web site. Found it when I was looking for information about Harry Hanson's Court Players. I would go there almost every week when I lived in Bradford. My father was the Prop man there. Met many of the actor and actresses and just loved Pat Phoenix who in those days was Pat Pilkington. She lived across the road for us.

I now live in California

Ron Hites


 01:38 h

What a GREAT Website!!! By the way, I met you back in September 1983 when I was on my way to Israel. I stopped off in London and took the time to go to the Apollo Victoria Theatre to see FIDDLER ON THE ROOF! (Fiddler on the Roof ran from June 28, 1983 – October 29, 1983 at the Apollo Victoria Theatre) Your performance as Golde was brilliant!!! The best I had ever seen!!! After the performance I waited at the Theatres back/side door as you and the other members of the cast came out. I was so lucky to get your autograph. Thank You for taking the time to stop and talk with me and the other fans!!!