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This photo was taken by my good friend Helen Cotterill in Crete in 2007

This photo was taken by my good friend Helen Cotterill in Crete in 2007

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  About Me

I am a Yorkshire lass, born and grew up in Leeds.  My parents were Louis and Ruby Wigoder.   Dad was a dentist, born in Lithuania and carried out at the age of 3 months to Dublin.  When he qualified in 1914, he went to live in Leeds, where he met my mother, who was born in Leeds  She was beautiful and talented, and had been a child performer in the Music Hall, billed as "DAINTY LITTLE PAULA RUBY, A REAL JUVENILE STAR".

I trained  to be an actress in at Finch Junior College in New Yorkwhere my mother and I lived for four years during World War II.  My first job was entertaining wounded servicemen all over England with ENSA until June 1945.

My first real acting job was in repertory, with Harry Hanson's Court Players a year later, during which time I had been a extra in films and had one line in the post-London tour of THE THREE WALTZES with Evelyn Laye.

In the "Biography "section I have listed just some of the appearances I have made since then.  I was married late in life to Peter Frye in 1970, and our joint autobiography, DOUBLE OR NOTHING, tells of my life until our wedding, and of the fascinating life Peter led.  Details of our book will be in the "Double or Nothing" section.

Now I live in a beautiful flat next to the Wimbledon Tennis Courts, and overlooking Wimbledon Park with its lake, which was landscaped by Capability Brown.  I go weekly for a singing lesson and to a class on International Affairs, and I swim when I can get up the energy!